When it comes to water quality, we here at Turbo Plumbing Pros take every drip drop seriously. Water quality affects your health, home, and community. There are water quality tests, tools and softeners which we can suggest to help get you on the right path to health for you and your family.

Most water quality reports are sufficient for information on your general area. However, many consumers do not realize that the water quality of your home can differ greatly from the city or municipality based on the pipes of your home. In this Kentucky Water report we offer, you will get the water quality of the larger area, but not your individual domicile.

The negative side effects of unfiltered/unsoftened water aka hard water are numerous. Hard water decreases the life of appliances which use water such as your washing machine, water heater, plumbing pipes, and dishwasher to name a few. Hard water also causes buildup in your pipes which narrows the artery resulting in decreased water pressure over time. Lastly, various chemicals can be found in unfiltered water you and your family are both drinking and bathing in. Children, pregnant women and the elderly are more susceptible to these negative effects. To get the latest water quality report, enter your email below.


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