We Offer Central Kentucky the Following Faucet Repairs:

Installing a new kitchen faucet can be quite an undertaking for your average DIYer, and in many cases, a professional installation can alleviate any current and potential problems in the future. One of the last things homeowners want to see is their new kitchen sink dripping or leaking. Therefore, the durability and expertise of the installation is an important component. With Turbo Plumbing’s team of professional plumbers, our goal is to make sure these kitchen repairs and installs are done correctly the first time so you don’t have to worry about leaks or drainage issues doing damage to your kitchen floor, water bill, or budget.

blue sewer pipeline

Turbo Plumbing Pros: Here to Help With Central Kentucky’s Sewer Line Repairs

The smell alone tells you something’s wrong with the sewer line. There are other signs, too: backed-up toilets, bubbling sounds from your toilet, puddling water around the drainage area in your basement.

If you’re experiencing any of these, Call Turbo Plumbing Pros. 

Tree Roots Can Be Destructive To Home Sewer Lines

Foul odors, poor draining, and gurgling sounds coming from your toilet could be signs of tree roots in your sewer removal line. Trees love to take root and grow around the sewer removal line because of the accessible water source.

Those tree roots can break into the line itself, and you wouldn’t know it. If you feel like tree roots have broken into your sewer line, call the licensed experts at Turbo Plumbing Pros before it gets worse.

tree roots

If you’re having sewer line issues or just want to have it checked out, Call Lexington and Central Kentucky’s licensed experts at Turbo Plumbing Pros.