What’s the difference between the Water Main Line or the Water Service Line?

When it comes to water flowing into the house itself, most people think of the term “water main,” and perhaps, “water service line,” which is also known as the “water line.” While these both play a fundamental role in supplying water to your house, they serve two distinctively different functions of water supply, because one branches off from the other to provide free flowing water to a direct location, such as a house or business. Simply put, the water main lines provides water to entire areas and the water lines branches off from the main, supplying individual locations with the water requested.

Turbo Plumbing Pros are here for Lexington and Central Kentucky’s Water Line Repairs!

Public water main lines are repaired by your local city or town. However, if the line branching off from the main to your house is damaged and/or breaks, a seasoned plumber is a necessity for repairing such an important part of your house’s water supply. This is why Turbo Plumbing Pros are here to help with Lexington and the rest of Central Kentucky’s water line repair needs which includes preventative maintenance-based inspections! 

We also offer emergency 24 hour, 7 day a week service, just in case your water line repair cannot be delayed.


Water Line Repairs Are Crucial; The Turbo Plumbing Pros Are Ready to Help!

Residential water lines are vital to daily household function. It is important that problems such as water line leaks or burst pipes are addressed immediately with a team of licensed experts who are trained to handle such important repairs. At Turbo Plumbing Pros, we have a great group of people with the right kind of training and experience to limit and repair the damage caused by faulty water service lines. Call us today at 859.278.0063 or email us info@turboplumbingpros.com to schedule your appointment. 

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