Limestone Deposits in Kentucky Tap Water

Because the state of Kentucky has vast limestone deposits underground, the water that runs into our houses via the plumbing network is considered moderately hard. When the groundwater runs through these limestone deposits, it picks up sediments like calcium and magnesium, which directly impacts the water’s hardness level. As many living in Central Kentucky are well aware, residual limescale leftover from running water can leave behind unwanted stains and buildup which can also clog your house’s plumbing pipes. Preventative maintenance and cleaning is a great way to stay on top of limescale build-up, and with the licensed experts at Turbo Plumbing Pros, we provide a free in-home water analysis, which will help decide what actions to take regarding the quality of water coming into your house.


Water Filtration Helps with Reduce the Limestone Footprint

Two effective actions to take against Kentucky’s harder water levels are water filtration and water softening. Water softening essentially removes the minerals that contribute to limescale build-up. While helping keep the house cleaner due to reduced limescale is certainly a benefit, the reduction of limescale build-up in the pipes that make up your plumbing network. Allowing the water to flow freely without any interference from potential limescale blockages.

Central Kentucky’s Answer to Cleaner Tap Water!

At Turbo Plumbing Pros, we offer the NOVO line of water softeners and conditioners. These are designed to remove minerals from limescale, softening your tap water for your body and household items the water cleans, circulates through, and drains from. Not only is softer water easier on your house, it makes the clean-up process easier too, thanks to the elimination of these residual deposits, thanks in large part to the limestone running underneath our feet in Central Kentucky.

How Water Filtration Helps

While carbon filtering may not remove minerals left from water moving through limestone, they can increase the quality of your tap water by eliminating chemicals that can affect the way water smells and tastes. Targeting the bathroom or the kitchen, carbon filter blocks work much like a refrigerator water filter: the incoming water passes through a carbon base, which removes the unwanted chemicals that contribute to the water’s quality. 

Combining Your Water Filtration Efforts

If you are interested in filtering all the running water coming into your house, Turbo Plumbing Pros also offers reverse osmosis filtration units. These units are designed for larger volumes of water and can remove more impurities than simply carbon filtering alone. Contaminants such as fluoride as well as unwanted color and sediment can be removed by reverse osmosis units. Because they can remove more than their standalone carbon counterparts, the ice they produce is much clearer than simple tap water.

Refreshing Tap Water from the Turbo Plumbing Professionals!

Along with the free in-home inspection, Turbo Plumbing Pros has the tools to keep your tap water clean and while reducing its hardness level. To schedule an appointment or find out more about your options regarding the quality of your home’s water, give us a call.