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While the tap water running into your house does go through a treatment plant before it comes into your home, there can still be traces of sediment and chemicals which harden the water and can create issues such as, limescale and clogged pipes. With a water filtration system for your home, you can begin to enjoy crystal clear water without Central Kentucky’s limestone deposits reaching your water. Because of the plumbing involved when installing water filtration systems, it is crucial to have an expert on hand to make sure everything is done with expertise. Our certified team of knowledgeable experts at Turbo Plumbing Pros are here to service all of your water filtration installation needs!

Filtered Water: A Quick Overview

Whole home-filtered water is designed to provide you with clean and refreshing tap water, like the filtered water which comes out of your refrigerator, only on a larger volume. Having access to your home’s plumbing system by a licensed technician will ensure the unit is installed correctly and without causing additional damage to the surrounding area. Two of the most common water filtration methods are carbon and reverse osmosis. Here at Turbo Plumbing Pros, we have experts in both areas. 

Carbon based water filtering works like the aforementioned refrigerator water filtration system, forcing the water through a block of porous carbon which traps sediment as it passes through. While reverse osmosis units filter the water as it enters the house, removing a larger amount of sediment and chemicals than their carbon filtering counterparts.

Water Filtration System Installation Made Easy With Turbo Plumbing Pros!

To make sure the tap water flowing into your house is of the highest quality, allow the licensed experts at Turbo Plumbing Pros to take care of Lexington and the rest of Central Kentucky’s water filtration needs, as well as any additional plumbing issues. We also perform water filtration installation estimates as well, just in case you aren’t sure about the right choice for you and your home. Call us today at 859.278.0063 or email us at info@turboplumbingpros.com to schedule your appointment. For additional convenience, you can also schedule an appointment on our website.

Central Kentucky’s Answer to Whole House Carbon Filters!

If clean tap water is something you are serious about, a great way to proceed is with a whole house water filtration system. Carbon filters use a bed of active carbon to remove impurities like chlorine and sediment as the water flows through the unit. A great number of these are now seen on modern refrigerators, which also use carbon filters to remove contaminants from running water. Instead of running through your refrigerator unit, a whole house carbon filter is installed directly onto one of the incoming water plumbing pipes, ensuring your running water smells and tastes great! At Turbo Plumbing Pros, we have the products and the professionals to provide solutions to keep Central Kentucky’s tap water clean.

Home Filtration Leads to Clean Tap Water

Ideally, carbon block filters target either the kitchen or the bathroom by attaching to incoming water supply. From there, the water flows through the carbon particles, removing the unwanted tastes and odors associated with unfiltered tap water. While carbon filters do not remove water hardening minerals and limescale on their own, when combined with a NOVO water softening unit, you will have some of the cleanest tap water in the neighborhood! If you are interested in filtering the water that comes into your house, the Turbo Plumbing Pros also have you covered there as well by offering reverse osmosis water filtration units.

Want Crystal Clear Ice?
Try Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water!

These units are designed for larger volumes of water and can remove more impurities than simply carbon filtering alone. Contaminants such as fluoride as well as unwanted color and sediment can be removed by reverse osmosis units, so much so, they are primarily used when crystal clear ice is desired. Because they can remove more than their standalone carbon counterparts, the ice they produce is much clearer than simple tap water. Again, combining these kinds of filtration units with a good water softening appliance will ensure the quality of your water is high enough to bottle.


Whole House Filtering from the Turbo Plumbing Pros

To make sure the water that flows into your house is of the highest quality, be sure to hire the right team to take care of Central Kentucky’s water filtration and softening needs--the licensed experts at Turbo Plumbing Pros