Installing a New Sink? Let the Turbo Plumbing Pros Help With That!

A new sink fixture can brighten up a room in many ways. New units give a more polished feel to your home and these type of often overlooked home improvements helps to raise the overall value. These days, faucets themselves are designed to be more energy and cost efficient, which helps lower your monthly water bills. It is important to have an expert on hand to ensure these types of installation are performed correctly, thereby, reducing the potential for damage to the existing plumbing.

Types of Sink Installations offered to Central Kentucky by the Turbo Plumbing Pros:

  • Kitchen Sink
  • Bathroom Sinks (and tubs)
  • Utility Sink
  • Outdoor Sink

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Why Use a Professional Installer for a New Sink?

The last thing anyone wants when installing a new sink fixture is for there to be any issues related to the plumbing. Furthermore, it is important to ensure the new fixture is draining properly and that there isn’t a buildup of moisture in the cabinet beneath the sink. Residual moisture caused by leaky pipes connected to new sinks can lead to toxic mold and mildew, turning the routine task of sink installation into a full-blown plumbing emergency. Because a faucet will be attached to the new sink, making sure it is running as expected; that is, without leaks or unnecessary moisture left behind, is crucial. This is one of the reasons, we advise using a licensed professional to avoid these issues from popping up. At Turbo Plumbing Pros, we are here to help!

The Turbo Plumbing Pros Make Sink Installation Easy For You!

If it’s time to replace that old sink that isn’t draining like you properly, reach out to Lexington and Central Kentucky’s team for sink installations and other plumbing issues--the licensed experts at Turbo Plumbing Pros!

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