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It’s a hard thing to miss when you’re having sewer line issues. The unwanted odors are perhaps one of the biggest indicators about a home’s faulty sewage system, but there are other signs to be aware of as well. While it’s hard to ignore the odors, other things to consider regarding a sewer line repair issues are backed-up toilets that do not drain the waste away and bubbling sounds coming from your toilet. Puddling water around the drainage area in your basement is another important sign which you shouldn’t ignore. If you are experiencing any of these issues in Lexington or any other Central Kentucky area, give Turbo Plumbing Pros a call at 859.278.0063 and we will handle your sewer issues in a sanitary and timely manner.

We also offer 24/7 emergency services for sewer disasters that just won’t wait until tomorrow.

Tree Roots Can Be Destructive To Home Sewer Lines

Because of the water involved in a sewage removal line, the pipes can be susceptible to leaks, which invites growing trees to take root due in part to the consistent water source. From there, a tree can grow its roots throughout the sewage system, when can then wreak havoc on your home and your pocketbook. We have listed some of the signs of tree roots in your home’s sewer system, for example: foul odors, lack of draining, and gurgling sounds coming from your toilet. If you feel like your sewer line has become overwhelmed by tree roots, give the licensed experts at Turbo Plumbing Pros a call and we’ll be there to take care of your sewer line needs, pronto!


Sewer Line Repairs? Let Turbo Plumbing Pros Help!

If you’re having sewer line issues, would like to have an inspection for preventative measures or to make sure everything is functioning properly, make sure you reach out to Lexington and Central Kentucky’s right team for the job--the licensed experts at Turbo Plumbing Pros!

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