Faucet Installations- Made Easy with Turbo Plumbing Pros!

Installing a new faucet can be a major undertaking for even the most devoted DIY fans. When dealing with additions to the home plumbing system, aside from making sure the fixture itself is installed correctly, it is also important to make sure the plumbing connected to the faucet is in good working order. Turbo Plumbing Pros are here to make Lexington and the rest of Central Kentucky’s transition to a new faucet as painless as possible for both your wallet and family. Our licensed professionals are here to help with a variety of different faucet styles and placements throughout your home. 

Our Faucet Installation Services for Central Kentucky Include:

  • Bathroom Faucets
  • Kitchen Faucets
  • Laundry Room Faucets
  • Outdoor Faucets
  • Shower and Bathtub Faucets
  • Ask Us About Other Faucet Locations!

Benefits of a New Faucet

In addition to improving the look and feel of your home and adding financial value, a new faucet can improve water use efficiency. For these reasons, it’s important to make sure your new fixture is installed correctly. No one wants a new faucet to spring a leak or drain improperly, which then lead to unwanted odors and ultimately larger repair bills. When dealing with your home’s plumbing, it’s important to have an expert handy, and the Turbo Plumbing Pros are here to help Central Kentucky with all of your faucet installation needs!

We also offer 24/7 emergency services for those installations that just didn’t go as expected, or any other plumbing issues that just can’t wait.


Turbo Plumbing Pros: Taking Care of Central Kentucky’s Faucets!

To ensure your brand new faucet is installed as you would like it, be sure to hire the right team for the job--the licensed experts at Turbo Plumbing Pros! For additional convenience, you can also schedule an appointment on our website or call us today at 859.278.0063 or email us info@turboplumbingpros.com to schedule your appointment.