Let’s face it, we all need a plumber a few times a year for drain checks, regular pipe maintenance, and annual water heater flushing. But, unless you’re handy with a plunger and a wrench, finding a local plumber who is locally educated, understands local plumbing problems, and sees you as more than just another job can be hard to find.

Enter Turbo Plumbing Pros. In 2018, we saw a need for a local plumbing company that put customers AND the community first. Since we live, work, and play in Lexington and Central Kentucky, we’re a part of the same community as you. And we want what’s best for you and the community.

When you call Turbo Plumbing Pros, our first thought in working with each and every one of you is “how can we help you today?” You’ll find our expert plumbers care for you and your home like it’s their own. We handle your plumbing issues with the care and expertise you deserve.

Our licensed technicians are here to help you with your plumbing installation/or repair needs. We offer the best service in Central Kentucky for commercial, residential, and new construction. We are committed to performing our job with your comfort and peace of mind at the forefront of our services, no matter what you need. Because we believe you deserve the best, we back up our work with our Quality of Service Guarantee, so you know we’ll do the job right the first time.

So, if you’re tired of being just another job by a plumber who isn’t from your area or doesn’t listen to your needs, call us at Turbo Plumbing Pros. You’re our first priority.