Are you looking to install a new water heater in your home? Many homeowners have been opting for tankless water heaters in recent years rather than having a bulky tank installed in their property. These unique devices are designed to give you a constant stream of hot water on demand, but are they worth it?

Pros and cons of tankless water heaters

There are many pros and cons of installing a tankless water heater into your property, so to help you make your decision, we have taken a closer look at some of the most important:


PRO – Instant hot water

One of the biggest benefits of this type of heater is that the hot water coming through your taps is hot almost instantly. Thanks to the way it heats water, you will never run out of hot water when you need it.

CON – Temperature can be inconsistent 

While the water will be instantly hot, if you do not turn the tap on fully or you are using multiple hot water taps at once, then the temperature can occasionally be inconsistent.

PRO – Long lifespan

Tankless water heaters have a much longer lifespan than tanks and can often last twice as long in comparison.

CON – Greater installation cost

Although not always, some tankless water heaters can be slightly more costly to install due to the complexity of their design. However, they are more efficient than tanks, which means homeowners enjoy lower energy bills in comparison, often balancing out the higher installation cost.

Looking to install a new water heater in your home?

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